Boosie Badazz boldly accused Mississippi police of jacking $1 million worth of jewelry from him; however, Biloxi authorities insist their officers did not steal anything, and that the 34-year-old rapper simply never claimed the items.

Earlier this week, Boosie published two Instagram videos in which he claimed security guards pepper-sprayed him and his crew, including his pregnant niece, inside a shopping mall. Five people were later arrested for allegedly attacking the guard, but Boosie said the situation didn’t end there. After members of his entourage were arrested, the rapper said officers pulled him over as he was trying to leave the parking lot. He said the police then confiscated a sack of jewelry they found in the van, and later denied ever taking it.


#LilBoosie gets pepper sprayed by security guard 😳

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“This shit is big, man. Now these cops are trying to steal a million dollars worth of jewelry,” he said in a video. “[…] Now you want to steal a million worth of jewelry from me. But I’mma fight for mine […] It’s on. It’s on. You don’t know who you fucking with.”


Facts 👌 hashtag #nobiloxinomore #nobiloxinomore

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The incident inspired Boosie to release another strongly worded message to the police; but this time, he did it through a new track called “Fuck the Police x 10.”

According to TMZ, Biloxi city officials admitted to finding suitcase full of jewelry as well as a stolen gun inside Boosie’s van. They claim to have given Boosie instructions on how to retrieve the items, but no one ever picked them up.

Boosie still wasn’t buying it. On Wednesday afternoon, he went to the police station to fetch his pieces, but continued to accuse officers of taking his belongings and trying to cover it up.

“We put pressure on them […] We talked to everybody, the city, all of a sudden my jewelry has been found. My jewelry has been recovered and it’s at the police department,” he said in an Instagram video. “After three days of nobody [knowing] where my jewelry is at, it’s been found. Corruption. They knew they couldn’t take my jewelry and sell it and get away with it.”


I told you 🙏these mfs r thieves,racist etc. all of sudden it's found smh I'll see y'all n court #nomobiloxi

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Biloxi officials told TMZ they are offended by Boosie’s accusations.