ASAP Ferg is repping for the "East Coast" on his new song, and brings fellow NYC rapper Remy Ma along for the ride. 

You have to appreciate the execution here. The bass-driven beat lays the groundwork for Ferg and Remy to go off, and the "run it up!" part of the hook from the ASAP Mob member is simple yet effective. 

A possible storyline that may take place here is Remy's part of the song. It's no secret she and Nicki Minaj are currently feuding, so any time either of these rappers go in with an invisible individual in mind, chatter will follow. Take this line from Remy:

"The bar was low I brung it up/And ya'll hoes just stunk it up/I've been one, you've been done/You've been shoulda just hung it up"

Or this line:

"You fake bitches need to woman up/You a wack bitch, you a rat bitch/And I'm that bitch just to sum it up"

Still, that doesn't necessarily mean it's aimed at Nicki, as those are pretty conventional, albeit biting lines from Remy Ma. She's been more detailed in her previous approaches, and also called out Nicki by name. No use in going back to subliminals, amirite? 

As far as bangers go, "East Coast" does not disappoint. You can listen to their new collaboration above, and grab the single on iTunes when it's available at 11 p.m ET this evening.