So what can we do as fans on an individual level?

You can ask your local venues to book women, many of us also organise events. I'm conscious of it with Smart Bar in Chicago where I work. We literally count how many women there are, how many trans women there are, how many women of colour there are, how many non-binary. No matter who you are or what you care about, there are forces from the outside world and forces inside of you that cause you to overlook or to view things differently than they are. You don’t have to own a club to be a part of that. Look at your home venue. If they're not counting, then you count. If there's a woman DJ that you love, request her. It doesn't have to be Chicks Night at wherever. Each one of us can advocate alongside other people. There are action steps we can all take. We're all starting to recognise this is the situation we're in.

I'm glad to be partnering with a brand that recognises this because it happens at every level, from brands to clubs to agents and agencies. They must become more cognisant of this. None of us who work in this industry can do so without the help and networks that actually make these things happen. Women must be represented inside of agencies. I would urge any agents reading this to take a look at your roster and see what's missing from it. The main thing is that each of us, from the very top down to the punter in front of the speaker, whether you're part of a large organisation or just experiencing this at a granular level, just becoming conscious of it is the next step. That's what we're asking people to do.

Do you think people are becoming more conscious?

Oh, absolutely. I'm hopeful because it's something we have control of. It's something that each person can do something. There are people I know who never thought about it before that are thinking about it now. Lots of guys that I play with who are not particularly conscious who hadn't really thought about it but after I explained it saw that it's not so crazy. And it's not. Once we take it out of the abstract and take it down to the human level, everyone can understand what it means to see someone else served a whole pie while you get a spoonful. No human is unable to understand that.