The Geek x VRV, two of the latest beatmakers to emerge from Paris's world-renowned electronica scene, have just dropped their latest beat tape, BTOS Vol. 4 Back To Old School, and today they're sharing "Love Is All Around You" exclusively via Complex. As with previous drops like "Coming Up" from last summer, "Love Is All Around You" dips into the duo's love of hip-hop and soul, something they've been exploring ever since their first Back To Old School beat tape three years ago. While that can often mean simply retreading old Dilla themes, The Geek x VRV push it forward with a thoroughly Parisian edge that makes itself heard most clearly in the sultry vocal samples and deep, funk-ridden bass line. 

"Love Is All Around You" is taken from BTOS Vol. 4 Back To Old School, out now on Embrace Records.

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