Four-piece R&B band Kudu Blue are currently gearing up for the release of their debut EP, Shaded. Marked out by the marriage of singer Clementine's rich neo-soul vocals and the band's brooding, expansive electronics, their debut EP has been sorely needed. "Sugar Lemz", a highlight from the EP which you can hear down below, is the most potent display of this combination. The track explores the journey from the early highs of a new relationship, to the end, when things start to turn sour.

Kudu Blue told Complex over email that "'Sugar Lemz' is probably our favourite track from the new EP. It's intentionally something a bit different from the other music we have put out. We wanted to make a chilled track that you could put on in the living room at 5am after a heavy night. Lyrically, the song is about coming into your own and finding harmony. It's also about the vulnerability of giving yourself fully to love, and the hesitation that can occur in reaching it."

The Shaded EP drops April 28. Catch Kudu Blue live at Camden Assembly on May 3 and then again at The Great Escape in Brighton, May 18-20.

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