Late last year, British producer/rapper Ayo Beatz reached out to SOS Music from the United Arab Emirates to create rap anthem "Abu Dabbin"which came with five-star visuals shot on location in Dubai. Now, just as the heat was beginning to subside, the guys have decided it's remix time and call in NY wordsmith Red Cafe and grime spitter Chip for some added hype. The hypnotic trap beat neatly settles around each rapper's comfort zones, platforming Red Cafe's crystal clear delivery, Ayo Beatz's infectious hook, bouncy SOS flows and Chip's charismatic punchlines.

"We made a great song and got a lot of attention from my homelands," Ayo told Complex over email. "I love this remix because of the additional involvement of Red Cafe and Chip, and it's a beautiful thing to be able to collaborate and produce for great artists from al over the world and having them all on one record." Listen below.