When Jennifer Lopez and Drake seemingly coupled up earlier this year, the internet was ablaze with theories. Were they actually dating? Were they just hanging out in between studio sessions? Was this all just sly promotion for an upcoming project? After More Life dropped on Saturday, we finally have some answers. 

As it turns out, J.Lo does appear on More Lifebut not in the capacity that many first thought. While she doesn't actually contribute any vocals to Drake's hugely anticipated playlist, Jenny from The Block's classic "If You Had My Love" is the primary sample on More Life's "Teenage Fever."

Fans widely expected to hear J.Lo on the track that was playing during a video that leaked earlier this year, in which she and Drake were grinding on the dance floor to a song that appeared to feature both their vocals. But when that song, called "Get It Together" played during the More Life drop, Lopez's vocals were replaced by those of little known U.K. singer Jorja Smith. 

There's still no word as to why Drake axed Lopez's vocals in favor of Smith's, but we're sure that info will leak in the coming days, as the internet processes, dissects, and analyzes Drake's juggernaut release.