If you really want to go after a dream, there’s one thing you probably shouldn’t have: a fallback plan. After all, the bigger a dream is, the harder it will be to achieve, and the easier it will be to eventually throw up your hands and say: “That’s it. Time for Plan B.”

Jasmine Janai knows this to be true, which is why when she embarked on her quest to make it as a singer and songwriter, she didn’t give herself an out.

The Phoenix native is no stranger to gambling on herself. While she was on a college volleyball scholarship in Utah, she decided one day that she was going to leave school and head to Atlanta to pursue her musical dreams. This decision raised doubts from a lot of skeptics in her life, including her own father. But Jasmine persisted, and for the past year and a half has been going after her goal in Atlanta.

Now, Jasmine is getting her biggest opportunity yet: to perform at the legendary Village Recording Studios in Los Angeles before a crowd of music industry insiders as part of a music talent showcase. It will actually be the first time she’s performed songs that she herself wrote in front of an audience, and it’s fair to say the stakes are pretty high for a debut performance. It’s a good thing then that Jasmine decided long ago that failure is not an option—literally.

To learn more about Jasmine Janai and watch her potential career-changing musical moment, check out the latest upside of Uncharted in the video above, brought to you by Honda.