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A couple of weeks ago, we brought you a brand new cut from DJ Paypal that had been produced in conjunction with a wearable tech company called SUBPAC.

The tech, which has been lauded by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Mala, Adrian Sherwood and Timbaland, explores the boundaries between sound and experience by giving users the ability to 'feel' sound with their bodies. Basically, you wear their product and the music is played throughout it so you feel each track with your body. To show the world what it's capable of FEEL SUBPAC was launched to create a collection of 'SUBPAC Optimised' tracks from a range of producers. 

Where DJ Paypal's "Ham" tested SUBPAC's ability to handle labyrinthine rhythms as they're fired round your body, the snarling bass on Terror Danjah's "Yoga Fire" will probably make you feel like your bones are melting. Regardless of whether you own the SUBPAC kit, they've inspired some very hard club tracks this month.