When we first heard about Poté, it was through his work with Portugal's globe-trotting Enchufada (a label that has given us an endless stream of thrilling club sounds over the years). Recent years have seen him flourish as an artist and step outside the confines of club music in the purest sense. His newest EP, Fire For Fire (out today), is the latest example of this. Each of the four original tracks show Poté experimenting more with songwriting and lyricism, though one foot still remains in the club. "Egosurf (For All It's Worth)", like the title track, sees the producer step behind the mic to show off his soulful, siren-like vocals. The video, also out today, takes the hypnotic rhythms of the track and mirrors them in an increasingly hypnotic, and slightly disturbing, series of images that only gets more disorienting as Poté reaches the apex of this song. Watch exclusively above.