SUBPAC, a company exploring the boundaries between sound and experience, have been developing tech that's designed to give users the ability to 'feel' sound with their bodies. The technology is being applied to just about every form of entertainment—movies, virtual reality, video games, and music. To supplement that, they've launched the FEEL SUBPAC platform which was unveiled today. The project features music designed especially for SUBPAC's technology. So far artists like Kode9, Dada Life, Calyx and TeeBee have all contributed to the project. As has Teklife's mysterious DJ Paypal with his new cut "Ham". Judging by this new production, it's pretty easy to see why they picked him for the project. We can only imagine how crazy the intricate, tangled rhythms and trance-like futurism of "Ham" would sound being fired around your body. Still, cop one of SUBPAC's pieces of tech and you won't need to imagine.