Days after Beyoncé announced she and Jay Z were expecting twins, Nicki Minaj posted a shocking photo that suggested she, too, was pregnant.

On Saturday night, the 34-year-old artist shared an Instagram picture in which she was sporting a prominent baby bump. Nicki captioned the post: “ATBIMS. y’all so childish Omgskibbidybopbopghjhddfnjj – I was gonna wait to share the news but…”

“ATBIMS” is an acronym for “all these bitches is my sons,” a phrase often used by the rapper-singer. The look of the photo and tone of the caption reveal the photo as fake—a pun on her catchphrase. In addition, many suspect the photo was in response to Meek Mill’s recent claims that Nicki is pregnant.   

Though some were quick to point out the stunt, others remained convinced Nicki had a baby on the way. You can check out some of the responses below.