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It's been a couple of years since Gobstopper boss Mr. Mitch dropped the monolithic Parallel Memories album, so anticipation for a follow-up has been pretty high. Still, Mr. Mitch isn't one to rush things. Since Parallel Memories he's been honing his sound, pushing out exciting releases via Gobstopper and getting us all familiar with his highly-praised 'Peace Edits'. Not wanting to keep us waiting any longer, the announcement of new album Devout​ (due Apr. 21 via Planet Mu) comes with a brand new production featuring P Money, "Priority". You can hear touches of the 'Peace Edit' sound in the cold-but-soulful production that backs P's emotive bars. It's a clever backdrop and one that gives the MC plenty of space to unfurl his intricate and densely-packed flow. By all accounts, "Priority" is a solid indicator of what's to come in the rest of Devout, but we'd put money on there being at least a couple of surprises.