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During his Yeezy Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week on February 15, Kanye West raised some eyebrows when, rather than sharing new music with those in attendance like he did during his Yeezy Season 3 show in February 2016, he decided to let an old demo of The-Dream singing J. Holiday’s 2007 hit "Bed" play throughout the show. We spoke with J. Holiday about it, and he was just as confused as everyone else when it came to trying to explain why Kanye chose that demo song as his soundtrack for the day.

Kanye still hasn’t explained why he settled on playing the demo version of "Bed" during the show instead of playing the final version. But early Tuesday morning, he shared the full version of the old song on Soundcloud. It doesn't feature any Kanye vocals, but it does include some new vocals from The-Dream and it was reportedly reworked by Kanye collaborators DJDS before being released.

You can listen to the 17-minute song here:

The-Dream co-wrote "Bed" with producer Los Da Mystro back in the mid-2000s and originally planned on giving it to Chris Brown before J. Holiday ultimately ended up recording the final version.