Joey Badass Talks "Victory" Success, All-Star Weekend Highlights, and Upcoming Album 'AABA'

Joey Badass sat down with Complex's Pierce Simpson at All-Star Weekend.

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One of the highlights of All-Star Weekend 2017 in New Orleans was seeing Joey Badass perform his latest single "Victory," looking down on the crowd from the top of a cube at Mountain Dew's Courtside HQ. Complex caught up with him to chat about his several-year-long partnership with Mountain Dew, and the variety of attractions at their All-Star experience on Magazine Street. Dew tapped creative collective Madbury Club to design an experiential space mashing high-tech art and music installations with the unique architecture New Orleans' French Quarter is known for. Joey rubbed shoulders with NBA greats like Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, and Isaiah Thomas, and used the space to shoot a music video for "Victory." 

Pierce Simpson locked in a few minutes with Joey, and though he tried his best to squeeze the name of the young rapper's next album, Joey was willing to narrow it down, but not yet give a definitive title beyond the acronym "A.A.B.A." To date Joey maintains it has no relation to the Swedish pop group group best known for the 1976 smash hit "Dancing Queen." Your guess is as good as ours. 


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