The Chicken Shop Date channel on YouTube is one of the most brilliantly irreverent contributions to pop culture that we have ever, ever seen. Each video sees our protagonist Amelia ​Dimoldenberg sitting down with stars like AJ Tracey, 67, Jammer, Ghetts and more to have a chat, munch some chicken and maybe hit it off. Now she's back with fellow chicken-based online sensation, The Chicken Connoisseur.

"I think most people leave a first date not knowing how well it went," Amelia told Complex via email. "Are they into me? Did I talk too much? Will they want to see me again? I've found that it's easy to measure the success of a date when the guy you are dating is more concerned with the chicken he is eating than you. I'm pretty sure if The Chicken Connoisseur had Tinder he would swipe left for me and right for a chicken burger."

Here's hoping 2017 brings for Amelia a deep, meaningful relationship built on the robust foundations of deep fried chicken.