At the end of last year, holiday rental company Airbnb added a whole new arm to their services. Where in the past, the Airbnb site or app was used to book accommodation and nothing more, now they’re aiming for something more all-encompassing. Airbnb users can now sign themselves up for two things: 'immersions' and 'experiences'. The former usually run over several days and involve a range of activities, while experiences tend to run for just a day or an afternoon. Both immersions and experiences are held in cities all over the world and give you the chance to see that particular city from the perspective of a local. One such local, who is offering a one-day experience called Record Diggers' Delight in London, is Al Morris. Al's day job is running his record label The Nail Shop, as well as DJing around London, so he's pretty well-acquainted with what London has to offer.