Liv Dawson is a versatile artist, one who strays successfully between the genres of pop, soul, and R&B. On debut single "Tapestry", her striking tone lures you in from the get-go, and it becomes immediately apparent that this is a singer who knows her voice very well, oozing the confidence of an artist well beyond her years. While "Tapestry" is a modern slice of R&B, follow-up track "Still" has an electronic undercurrent, with latest single "Open Your Eyes" sitting somewhere in-between.

One thing that remains consistent is Dawson's vocal delivery, which is heavily inspired by soul and R&B—not surprising, given that she lists Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé as influences. With a great impression made last year, 2017 looks set to bring even more quality music from the rising talent, having recently racked up studio time with the likes of Jimmy Napes (Sam Smith) and Tobias Jesso Jr (Adele). 

A must-hear: "Tapestry"

"'Tapestry' is about that person in your life that makes a huge difference. That person who helps you become who you are. As soon as I wrote it, I fell in love; it was the sound and feel I'd been looking for in my music."—Liv Dawson