Well, it's happened.

Just 13 days into the year and we've got our first UK blockbuster album of 2017: Wiley's The Godfather, and to think there were those who thought he'd miss the drop date! After a couple of delays, the wait is over and we finally have the album to listen to. One thing to note about this, however, is that Wiley's said this will be his last album. Ever. Granted, he's said this about every album since 2013's The Ascent, but he does sound as if he means it this time. 

Returning to a positive note, the album features a star-studded roll call of grime's premiership: Skepta, Jme, Chip, Ghetts, Devlin, Flowdan, J2K, Scratchy, Newham Generals, Jamakabi, Frisco and Breeze all step up to deliver some of their finest bars to date. Interestingly, the lead singles "Can't Go Wrong" and "U Were Always Pt. 2", aren't necessarily the fan favourites. Already, fans are touting non-single tracks like "Birds N Bars", "Laptop" and "Joe Bloggs" as their favourites. Jump in the replies to let us know your favourites.

Buy the album from iTunes here and stream it via Spotify below.