If the sound of Taylor Swift's music is appealing to you, then you're probably too wrapped up in repeated viewings of the new "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" video with Zayn to have noticed the latest Reddit rage: Sad Taylor. As with previous incarnations of the Sad Person Rests on Bench Before Being Memed Into Oblivion trend, this whole thing started with a seemingly mundane photo of Swift resting on a bench:

Sad Taylor
Image via Imgur

With all ingredients for a Sad Taylor meme-a-thon clearly in place, the Photoshop battlers of Reddit went to work. The results, which are now popping up in full-blown articles from news providers such as BroBible, are arguably on par with the glory days of Sad Keanu and Sad Kanye:

Sad Taylor and Perma-sad Drake
Image via BroBoT800
Sad Taylor and Mr. Gump
Image via weidow1
Sad Taylor and Sleepy Kanye
Image via _korbendallas_
Taylor, sad
Image via KrombopulosJeff
Sad Taylor
Image via s123man
Sad Taylor
Image via weidow1
Sad Taylor & Kanye
Image via hanky1979
Money is so sad
Image via Djugdish

Amazing work, everyone. Seriously. This is stupendous.

But someone just had to come in with a fucking mean one:

Wow. This one is mean.
Image via Luke20013


Speaking of sadness, there's plenty of sadness to go around in the aforementioned "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" video with Zayn.

The track, which will appear in the sequel to a movie with a 25 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, currently rests at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. The collab previously peaked at No. 6 following its debut in December and would probably hold the No.1 spot for all of eternity if someone could figure out how to redo the music video using only Sad Taylor, Sad Keanu, Sad Kanye, and the honorable Sad Ben.