At the tail end of last year, Utrecht, aka London songwriter and producer James McIntosh, dropped the well-received love song, "Lately". Now, after a stellar reworking of The Rhythm Method's "Home Sweet Home", Utrecht is preparing for the drop of his new EP, Next Time. In advance of the drop (release date TBC), he's given us the exclusive stream of lead single "Élan Vital", which the producer describes as "a love song for last orders: as the crowds stream out in white hot fury from the city's clubs and pubs, you get into an argument with a lover, and suddenly find yourself with nowhere to goand nothing to do but wander the silent backstreets, hoping they'll eventually pick up the phone." The subject matter isn't exactly uplifting, but the thumping bass line and club-ready beats will surely secure the track's place on radio playlists.

Utrecht will play his debut live show at The Pickle Factory in London on Feb. 8. Head here for tickets.