While Brisbane-via-Sudan rapper and producer GALLUS might be best recognised as a frequent collaborator of fellow local Midas.Gold, he's doing it all by his lonely on this brand new track, an emotionally charged banger called "LIONHEART".

GALLUS has been in the lab for the better part of last year, and building upon the massive buzz from his 2015 track "Versatile/Apathetic", 2017 marks the year that he really makes his impact – and there's no better statement than this latest heater.

"LIONHEART" appears to be the first effort from what we're guessing will surely be a hotly anticipated project. In the song, GALLUS reflects on the days he saw “suicide as the solution” and where he is now, all over the top of some dark, heavy keys and bouncing 808s courtesy of producer Ealing. While we patiently wait for his next step, you can check out "LIONHEART" for yourself above or on Spotify here.