While relatively new to the scene, Osei The Native has managed turn heads with an arsenal of catchy hooks, a barrage of confident flows, and a unwavering, commanding cadence. For months now, the Mississauga rapper has limited his SoundCloud page to just one single, the staccato-driven banger "Bernie Mac". It was an introductory song that showcased Osei's handle of melodic grit and self-awareness, generating enough buzz to land him on stage at last year's uTopia Music Festival. Remaining mostly in the shadows, the lyricist is finally preparing to release more music this week - and with it, he's aiming to have his voice heard. Today, Osei The Native is debuting his latest and second single, "Bout It". The bouncy cut allows him to weave throughout throwback instrumentation, this time provided by Nahum, who delivers a terrific horn-laced beat.

Speaking with Complex CA via email, Osei states that "Bout It" was born from social isolation. "The song came from a time where I had disconnected myself from the usual routine," the rapper says. "I took a break from work, school and only kept a few friends around in attempts to gain perspective on a couple issues I had been internalizing. The inspiration behind it is just being comfortable doing your own thing and not get caught up in the hype/wave. Truth is, that's easier said than done so in my opinion. It's a process we as people work on everyday with all the distractions out there."

You can listen to the premiere of "Bout It" below, via SoundCloud.