After the success of Citizenn's Crosstown Rebels-released debut album Human Interface back in 2015, and the Say It Like You Mean It EP released the following year, the London-based DJ and producer is preparing to put out a brand new EP, Songs Of Praise + Worship (due Jan. 27 via Waze & Odyssey's W&O Street Tracks imprint). Where Human Interface concerned itself more with rich, soulful deep house, Songs Of Praise + Worship plunges headlong into techno vistas, most clearly heard in Part 1. He still retains the soulful edge ever-present in his productions, but this is definitely a harder sound from Citizenn. "I've really been trying to think of something to say all day," he explained to us via email, "but don't want to come across cheesy or overcomplicate the concept of the release. It's just straight, 4 to the floor, built for club music." So with that in mind, smash the play button below.