Literally everything else aside, 2016 was actually pretty amazing for music. Both sides of the pond turned out blockbuster album after blockbuster album from a host of legends. It was also a good balance of more established artists cementing their status with career-defining albums, and newer artists hitting their stride with bigger hits and bigger audiences. Basically, mostly everyone in our emcees to watch list last year has gone on to greater and greater success in the UK and beyond.

Some of the people in this year's list have burst out of nowhere in a matter of months, while others have been working themselves to the bone behind the scene, learning, growing and perfecting their craft until the right time. Either way, the impact has been the same: powerful. With each artist, we've made it clear that while they've had a solid year or two, this was simply the laying of foundations. If we're right (and we usually are), 2017 will see each and every lyricist propel themselves to the highest of heights. Just look at our success rate last year, seriously.