Juelz Santana is ready to make his mark on 2017. After already dropping two strong singles—"Santana Bandana" and "Drake Voice"—to start the year, he's now ready to bring his fans new music on a weekly basis. With new music on the way, which will drop exclusively on Complex Music every week, Juelz stopped by the office for a very special interview.

During the extensive conversation, Santana talked about his plan for new music, and how he's motivated to be consistent going forward. Juelz specifically talked about how he's noticed a number of younger artists using his name in raps and wanting to take advantage of it going forward. "At the end of the day, they're part of the new generation," Juelz said. "We're all here to be used but when you start misusing and getting carried away with that, is when ya might get checked, ya know." 

Aside from his own new music, Juelz touched on the status of Dipset, and hinted that his own motivation could bring the entire group together. "It's a brotherhood because I think other people in that situation when they see each other it would come to a lot more than if Jim Jones and Cam'ron seen each other right now," Santana explained. "They would probably end up laughing and giving each other a hug or something." While it's unclear if a full Dipset reunion is on the horizon, Juelz did confirm that he recently recorded a track with Jones for an upcoming project. 

Of course, Juelz has so much unreleased music that has been built up or lost over the years. A lot of that is with Lil Wayne, who Santana said he's indeed was still close with, and if they really wanted to, they could put out a project together right now. That's one that we need to see happen. You can check out the full interview above and check back each week for brand new music from Juelz. 

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