ASAP Rocky’s recent interaction with an Instagram user took an interesting turn when a playful back-and-forth turned into a clap back. ASAP Rocky and ASAP Ferg hopped on Instagram to interact with some fans and share some stories about their New York upbringing. The fan, who Rocky pointed out as a user with the name @Penny_IV, joked that ASAP Nast resembled actor Bokeem Woodbine, and the digital ether commenced.

A not-too-amused Nast quipped, “It’s 666 off in your bitch,” before Rocky and Ferg pulled up the user’s profile.

“You done fucked up now,” Rocky said. “Get him up outta there. Your man looks like a fake ass Kris Kross reject. What the fuck is you talking about?”

The crew then pulled up the entire feed and roasted the “fake ass Treach,” and the likes piled up as the collective traded jokes about his appearance. With the issue of cyber bullying recently making headlines, this quick round of the dozens appeared to be all in good fun.

“I’ma come clean, and we ain’t gonna hold you,” Rocky said. “We just roasted him. It’s quiet right now. Never come at ASAP in your life, bruh. Watch your mouth, B.”

Social media dust-ups aren’t particularly new to Rocky. In 2015, the Harlem MC traded words with 50 Cent after Fif called him out for sending direct messages to alleged former flame, Tatted Up Holly. ASAP Rocky also lost upwards of 100,000 Instagram followers in 2015 after switching up his IG profile to promote his sophomore album using an Instagram feature allowing multiple pictures to be viewed together as a collage.