Listening to Sage Harris sing, makes it easy to point out his artistic influences. The 20-year-old Scarborough native pulls heavily from the last decade's wave of R&B superstars, and his vocal cadence and ability rank right up there with the finest crooners of that era. Perhaps what sets Harris apart from the rest of his peers, is his impressive and evergrowing skillset. There's no question that the man can sing, but learn that he can dance, produce, mix and master, and you'll feel safe in calling Sage a complete artist.

The latest example of Harris' ability, comes in the form of "Commitment". The track is a co-production with Toronto maestro C-Sharp, and it's full of rich vocal runs and rolling basslines. Speaking with Complex CA via email, Sage says that "Commitment" was inspired by his recent memory. "The song is about somebody who hurt me in the past, and not only did I want to show case my emotions about it, but I wanted guys and girls who have been through the same experiences and/or are going through it right now to have something to relate to". When asked about what he'd like to evoke through the track, Sage reiterated its relevancy.  "I would like people to feel like they can relate to me through my songs. We all go through heartbreak, and we all have our own story, so this song is not only about “commitment” in a relationship but tells a bit of my own person experience".

You can listen to the premiere of "Commitment" below, via SoundCloud.