In preparation for his latest project, ALONE19, Ottawa-based artist, Ryan Cruise, is now dropping a smooth and atmospheric lead single. The track is called, “Tattoo” and it sees the crooner link up with rising Indiana singer, Ye Ali, who jumps on for a warbly and infectious hook. “Tattoo” is a melodic take on bedroom R&B, with both vocalists providing velvet runs over a subterranean, bass-driven, instrumental. The two are a perfect fit for the tune's glitzy synths and futuristic sonics, making "Tattoo" a cold, wistful, and gloomy ballad for the year-end.

Speaking with Complex CA via email, Cruise says that the song centres around “the games that begin to play following a break up”. It’s an introspective take on the genre, one that the Ontarian states is “the first page of a story that begins a whole new opportunity”.

You can stream the premiere of “Tattoo” below, via SoundCloud.