In the scope of an entire music career, a calendar year is a incredibly short amount of time. It can take ages to identify and build upon one's artistic strengths, and it requires a lot of confidence to present any work during that early stage of the journey. Toronto brothers, Cardo Antonnio and J Cortz​ have only made music together for about a year. In that modest timeframe, the duo have managed to churn out some of the city's most bouncy and contagious raps. With an EP and a string of singles to their credit, the brothers have been able to solidify their burgeoning wave of electric and effervescent tune, and their formula is becoming more apparent: J Cortz' playful production sets the tone for Cardo's smooth and laissez faire cadence. The latter is yet another emcee who slips between singing and rapping, but he's able to pull it all off with an undeniable swagger. Right now, the pair's batting average is impressive, and their singles are only getting better.

Today, we're getting our latest release from Cardo and J Cortz, and it's as confident and jaunty as ever. "Run It" is a crawling cut, with clattering drums and subtle tinges of bolero. Speaking with Complex CA, Cardo says that the new cut is a product of confidence. "On most of my songs I never really brag, so on this one I was kinda feeling myself [laughs]. I remember when I was recording the song, I was just saying to J Cortz that I felt pretty. We wanted to bring a different bounce and sound, that's why it's Latin influenced". On the hook itself, the rapper says that it was all natural. "I was looking for something clean and simple that people could sing along to, and that's where Run It came into play. Simple yet super effective. Usually, I say run it when I'm recording and I want Cortz to play the beat, so I just used it in a record this time".

You can listen to the premiere of "Run It" below, via SoundCloud.