Dec. 13, 2016 brought what seemed like Lupe Fiasco’s abrupt retirement from music after the Chicago MC was labeled anti-Semitic in the wake of lyrics from his “Everybody Dies” freestyle. It would appear that retirement and subsequent cancellation of future albums has been reversed as Lupe offered a minimalist tweet about a long awaited future project, simply tweeting, “DROGAS Light February 10th 2017.”

The succinct tweet also featured what is likely artwork for Drogas Light: a minimalist design of a red character against a plain white background. Fans will note this is decidedly different from previous artwork believed to be associated with the project, which featured a handgun, car keys, a diamond-encrusted watch, and a crucifix.

Back in October, Lupe tweeted his planned trio of albums, Drogas, Drogas Light and Skulls were delayed due to issues with mixing and sample clearances. He added that both Drogas and Drogas Light were fully recorded at the time and had been finished for months. Lupe has previously hinted at releasing three albums in 2016, though the speculative titles (such as Roy) and artwork have changed during the process.