Kodak Black is calling out D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty for biting his swag.

On Wednesday night, Kodak took to Instagram with a video in which he is seen bobbing his head to D.R.A.M.’s 2016 breakout single “Broccoli.” When the track’s hook begins—“In the middle of the party, bitch get off me/In the cut I'm rolling up my broccoli”—Kodak jumps into a rant, blasting the 28-year-old rapper for his use of the word “broccoli” (slang for marijuana).

“What the f*ck, man? Who these n*ggas is, chopping my lil swag, man, talking about broccoli?,” Kodak said in the video. “For now on, I don’t smoke broccoli no more. I smoke cantaloupe—since these square ass n*ggas trying to steal my lil swag.”

Kodak later posted a video with a suggestion: Instead of using the word “broccoli,” they (presumably D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty) should start saying “spinach.” Cue the collective LOL.

Lil Yachty responded to the criticism with his own Instagram post, in which he insists he always gives a shout out to Kodak when he performs “Broccoli.”

Prior to D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli,” Kodak had used the slang in several of his tracks, including “Like Dat,” and “No Flockin"—something D.R.A.M. has previously acknowledged.

“Broccoli is a general term. I only smoke OG Kush, that’s all I smoke, but broccoli is just trees. I didn’t know that this wasn’t a much-used term,” he told Genius. “We used vegetables [as words for] weed but broccoli went off for me. Kodak Black was one of the first guys I heard refer to weed as broccoli and I just thought it was a thing. I didn’t know it was that rare for broccoli to be considered a term for weed.”

Genius also points out that the first rap song to refer to weed as "broccoli" may have been E-40's 1994 track “Practice Lookin' Hard” (we recommend watching the video for a great Tupac cameo). Four years later, E-40 debuted an entire song called "Broccoli."