Earlier this week, Soulja Boy recounted a crazy story about a home invasion and burglary attempt that had him firing multiple shots at his assailants. The details have had many questioning whether the story was real or fabricated. You can watch Soulja’s interview again with Vlad TV below.

Soulja, a savvy user of the internet, went viral, and many users on Twitter either made fun of him or quoted his words verbatim. One of the rappers that got a kick out of Soulja’s story was Joe Budden, who released his own version on Instagram that’s just as funny with the hashtag #SouljaBoyChallenge.

In the video above, Budden sets the scene where he’s in the shower minding his own business when 90 guys come busting through his door. When he grabs the burner from the sink and starts firing off rounds, he notices a few try to escape towards his pool. Budden has no fear as he takes out more guys in the pool, walking on water and leaving a pool full of blood in the aftermath.

Now, that’s pretty badass.

But for some actual fact checking on Soulja’s story, you can watch a new interview with Droop, the guy Soulja claims he shot, where he debunks the entire thing. Some highlights include: Droop claims he created the “Crank That Soulja Boy” dance and he says Soulja shot him five times, but denies any robbery or mask-off situation happened.

Don’t worry, this story will probably get weirder in the coming weeks.