Justin Bieber hasn't performed in Israel since 2011, and that absence has generated some serious concert starvation. When it was revealed that the Purpose singer was set to return to the country this upcoming May, fans were ecstatic and tickets were copped left, right, and centre. Everything seemed to be bueno, and teens began to plan their big night with JB. When fans caught the date on their ticket, however, they realized one unfortunate issue. The Justin Bieber concert is taking place in Tel Aviv on May 3rd. That particular date happens to be a day before Israel's national biology test. It's a mandatory quiz for the country's high school students, and the thought of it being so close to the Bieber concert has been stressing people out.

Many kids are taking to social media to voice their frustration. The movement to reschedule the exam has gained some traction online, and students are posting sincere letters on Facebook. One addressed to the National Student and Youth Council, politely asks the board to move the exam to another day. “With due respect to biology, Justin Bieber does not come to Israel every year. This exam will prevent many high school kids from going to his performance." Another fan reiterated the sentiment, adding their own personal frustration. "This is a one-time performance and for some people it’s very important to them. I see why those who are majoring in biology have to make the choice of giving up on the show. The school board really needs to try help move it. This really sucks and I, as a biology student, really don’t know what to do”.

While the notion has picked up steam, Israel's Ministry of Education has since responded, and they've made it clear that they are standing pat. According to the Washington Post, Israel Army Radio said that the ministry sees no conflict with the date, and as the exam is taking place in the afternoon, fans have time to participate in both events.