On Dec. 8, legendary hip-hop producer, rapper and art collector, Swizz Beatz will be bringing No Commission, the art and music showcase, to London. The idea behind the project, which is a collaboration between Swizz Beatz's The Dean Collection and rum brand, BACARDÍ, is to give upcoming and emerging visual artists the opportunity to display and sell their work without having to forgo a chunk of the money on commission. Hence the name. A painter himself, Swizz tells us the paintings he creates himself are unlikely to see the light of day. For him, painting is more of a therapeutic exercise. From our conversation, and the enthusiasm with which he talks about painting and music in the same sentence, it's also an effective way of stimulating his creativity, albeit from another direction.

Swizz Beatz's productions speak for themselves. His lengthy and star-studded discography has seen him work with some of the all-time greats: DMX and Ruff Ryders, Bounty Killer, Ashanti, Three 6 Mafia, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and the list goes on. And apparently it's genetic; his five-year-old son got a production credit on Kendrick Lamar's Unmastered Untitled. Right now, however, his focus is on No Commission. With major events in New York and Miami already in the bag, and London just around the corner, Swizz and BACARDÍ are on a roll, and are already casting their gaze across Europe, Asia and beyond.

We caught up with Swizz to discuss the project, why he's bringing it to the UK, his own private collection (aka The Dean Collection) and the importance of nurturing new talent.