A new clip was released leaked of Drake and Jennifer Lopez getting very close on the dance floor. In the video, J. Lo grinds up on Drake on the set of what looks like a winter wonderland-themed prom.

There are plenty of extras people around them dancing. Of course, the two can't keep their hands off each other as they get down to a song that sounds a lot like the two of them on the record.

The couple even take a moment to hit the photo booth before they are crowned prom king and queen of Preston High. 

The new video comes at a very convenient time when both artists have been fueling dating rumors. There was that shared moment on Instagram at J. Lo's Vegas show. Then, Drake supposedly took J. Lo as his plus one for a private dinner out in L.A. Most recently, the pair shared the same cuddling picture to Instagram with absolutely no caption, which left their fans with plenty of room to speculate. There are even some extra clips showing Drake and J. Lo slow dancing and kissing, which really has fans going crazy.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez kissing yep there together

— Mikel Miles (@Mosthated81) December 30, 2016

#2017in3words Jennifer Lopez-Drake

— Amanda Frost (@slimtonochill) December 30, 2016

Guys. If you look and both Drake and Jennifer Lopez's track record when it comes to dating. This fling is gonna last 5 seconds

— trizz (@trizzytrizz_) December 30, 2016

Is this the REAL reason why Drake is hooking up with Jennifer Lopez?

— Doris Upsdell (@DorisUpsdell) December 30, 2016

It was all very cute, but the clip above could very well mean that all this time spent together was for/to promote a collaboration. We'll let you guys decide what you think. Watch the new clip of the pair grinding up on each other above and some extra moments of them kissing, etc. that hit the internet below.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez 👀 pic.twitter.com/petl5gfWrj

— Rap Direct (@RapDirect) December 30, 2016

Drake and Jennifer Lopez kissing 👀 pic.twitter.com/lFUvoYiQhI

— Rap Direct (@RapDirect) December 30, 2016