Chance the Rapper joined Hannibal Buress for the latest episode of the comedian's Handsome Rambler podcast, chopping it up about everything from the best guest verse he's ever received to the chances of running for Mayor of Chicago. The podcast, which has previously seen Buress keep it decidedly 💯 about microdosing, was recorded shortly before the release of the Merry Christmas Lil' Mama mixtape.

"The best guest verse that I got from somebody is the Noname verse on 'Lost,'" Chance told Buress at around the 16:30 mark. Buress then recalled bumping into Noname prior to her recent Saturday Night Live appearance, telling Chance he knew a thing or three about the art of dance. "I ran into her in Brooklyn a couple days before the SNL taping and she was nervous about the two step that she had to do on camera," he said. "I said just go for it, you know?"

"She smashed it," Chance said of the performance. "She stole the show. It was a really cool thing. You know, I've known Noname since I was 14." The two were both "into writing" very early on, Chance recalled. "I was trying to do my poetry thing," he said. 

In addition to prepping for a pair of performances, Chance walked into SNL with some sketch ideas of his own. Dude was up until, like, 2 a.m. trying to get sketches including "Kwanzaa Sketch" and "GentriFried Chicken" off the ground. Ultimately, just "Jingle Barack" made the cut:

When asked about Kanye West's tweeted declaration that The Life of Pablo was a "gospel" album, Chance offered some intel. "I feel like that was kind of sensationalized though," Chance said at around the 27-minute mark. Tweets aside, the gospel vibes eventually subsided: "He tweeted that he was working on a gospel album, but I don't think he really, like, fully felt that post-tweeting that."

Should we expect Chance the Mayor soon? Peep the full interview above, perfect for your otherwise abysmal holiday travel obligations.