Verse: 2
Best Line: "Tryna snap photos of familia/My daughter look just like Sia you can't see her"

“This is my part, nobody else speak.”

It’s literal, Chance’s wresting of the spotlight. The music, the bombast and the choir of voices, all quiet all quiet and, suddenly, it’s Chance’s show, not Kanye’s. His verse is dexterous and forceful—but plenty of rappers have skill and conviction—where Chance shines, and where he’s shined all year, is in the heartfelt notes. He’s a humanist, protecting his daughter and you from harm and deftly slinging lines with enough emotional heft—”I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail” chief among them—to reliably conjure goosebumps, ten months later. This verse is more than a star turn, it’s the kind of performances legacies are built on. —Brendan Klinkenberg