Before Young Thug donned an Alessandro Trincone-designed dress on the cover of his Jeffrey project, Outkast’s Andre 3000 was seen in blonde wigs, pink jumpsuits and other wardrobe choices deemed not to fit in the heteronormative category. Andre credited Young Thug, Future, and others for “charging up the rap game” during an interview with Dish Nation’s Kidd Kraddick, and the mutual appreciation between Young Thug and Andre 3000 recently materialized in the form of a brief backstage meeting captured on video.

If the meeting between Andre and Young Thug featured any talk of genre-bending music and gender-blending clothing, the 300 Entertainment microphones were either not privy to such talk or the content is being saved for later. Both artists kept it brief as Andre’s greeting of, “Mr. Thug, how you doing, G?” was returned with a brief reply of, “Nothing…just chilling.”

The footage was part of a promotional video for Young Thug’s HiHorse’d tour. The tour features 21 Savage, and there are scheduled stops in San Francisco, Denver, Houston, and New York. Young Thug previously took to Instagram to thank Erykah Badu, who shares a son with Andre 3000, for comparing him to the Outkast MC.

The fellow Atlanta native was also seen on his Instagram feed wearing a jacket with the words “I want to be like Andre Badu” imprinted on the back.

At this time, there’s no word if the brief meeting between Andre 3000 and Young Thug will lead to any music in the future. It appears the next one of Young Thug’s musical influences to share the small screen with him will be Wyclef Jean, as Thug took to Twitter and promised fans the video for the aptly titled ​“Wyclef Jean” is scheduled for a release Dec. 1.