Drake and the Weeknd's relationship has been hard to keep track of over the years. It was a placement on Drake's OVO blog that first helped the Weeknd break out, and he was later seen all over Drake's sophomore album Take Care. Soon after, though, relations seemed to sour. The Weeknd decided not to sign with OVO, and later had some interesting words about Drake's use of his material on Take Care. Although they were never openly hostile, their relationship never seemed quite the same—until recently, that is. On the eve of the release of his third album Starboy, the Weeknd sat down with Zane Lowe and, suddenly, a full-length Drake collaboration was in the realm of possibility.

We'll have to see what comes of it—the pair's history has been circuitous, ranging from collaborations brimming with hit-making potential to veiled comments suggesting behind-the-scenes drama. Here's a comprehensive timeline of their confusing relationship.