If you're a Canadian music fan, you've likely experienced Montreal's incredible festival circuit. As soon as the temperature rises, we promptly plan our annual trips to Osheaga and Jazz Fest - both of which remain a Quebec staple during the summer months. When the heat finally does arrive, so too do the wave of tourists, who transform Montreal into a massive block party. Every year, music floods the city streets and neighbourhoods forget the meaning of last call. These parties endure for an epic (and exhausting) few months, and when the beer tents and outdoor stages eventually disappear, you'd expect things to quiet down in the 514. Luckily for the Canadian music fan, this isn't the case in Quebec. Since 2006, M for Montreal has provided the town with one last festival hurrah. It's a week of great Canadian music, and it's four days to ignore the inevitable winter weather.

Along with great headliners, M for Montreal provides us with a glimpse of the country's best rising acts. Quebec's buzzing artists get a terrific platform to showcase their talent, and the festival attendee gets an early look at future Canadian stars. Last year, we caught the always fun Grimes, Jazz Cartier, and Harrison, among others. This year's edition may have lacked that same level of star power, but it certainly made up for it with quality surprises. Here are the five acts we loved at this year's, M for Montreal.