Ty Senoj is a Toronto artist that flirts with oddball and genre-bending sonics. While his local scene has gained a foothold in the mainstream, Senoj stands out by sticking to his own misfit wave. Harnessed with auto-tuned warble and distorted instrumentals, the rapper consistently channels the gritty and uncomfortable, and ends up delivering something fresh and unique.

After dropping two tracks at the beginning of the year, the emcee remained noticeably quiet. His absence from the scene was apparent, and we weren't exactly sure what he'd been up to for the last five months. Now Ty returns with the punk-influenced, "Who Put It?", and it's some of his most headbanging work to date.

Speaking with Complex CA, the rapper says the new single is a product of his inner monologue. "This record portrays a persona that a lot of people want but can't have in their music. It represents my time working in LA over the summer with my brother Ricky Anthony. When we weren't creating fire, we were smashing shit and I was getting smashed". As to why the punk vibes have percolated into his music, Senoj says that it's a reactionary, yet honest approach. "It sounds so punk because I'm finally channeling myself and not my surroundings. N****s wanna play like they're punk so I'm sort of calling them out in the hook by asking 'Who Put The Lean in the Sprite?'. The beat Ricky did embodies that nature for me".

You can listen to the premiere of "Who Put It?" below, via Soundcloud.