"Afro" is the latest single from Maryland rapper Nafets, produced by frequent collaborator CPSL0CK. Nafets' woozy flow comes into its own here, punctuated by the occasional pitching up or down, as he discusses his own ethnic and cultural background, with an equally dizzying video directed by Zak Forrest to go with it. In Nafets' words, "the track is about trying to be what you're not, which was something I personally struggled with a lot growing up at the intersections of several different racial and cultural backgrounds." He went on to say, "I felt like I was always torn between several worlds and cultures and it would often make me feel very excluded and alone. I felt I didn't fit in with friends or society in neither Trinidad nor America." Still, there's a cathartic, almost optimistic edge to "Afro" as Nafets purges the pain and attempts to move forward.

"Afro" is taken from The Death Of Mr. Ramen, an album about killing off his alter ego, coming soon.