After spending a year abroad, Julia Tomlinson is back home in Toronto. The soul-tinged singer spent time meeting with some of the industry's top producers, setting the stage early for her career. Tomlinson's developed an impressive portfolio of cover songs over the last few months, and is now looking to carve out her own path with chart-ready bangers. This is where her latest effort, "Do With Me", comes into play.

It's a promising preview of what the singer has in store, and sounds at home in today's pop soundscape. Perhaps, that is where the track (and artist) will end up in the near future. The rolling EDM beat allows Julia to show off the undeniable twang in her voice, and features the subtle drop of its contemporaries. Along with her in-house producer, Adam Bertucci, the two are crafting sonics worthy of radio play, and "Do With Me" is the first in that likely campaign.

You can listen to "Do With Me' below, via Soundcloud.