Former Edgem crew member Boylan has been a frequent collaborator with the likes of Oil Gang, Spooky, the various members and affiliates of the Boxed crew and, generally, all of the most uncompromising grime producers in the UK. Nowhe's back with another collaboration, this time with Mean Streets owner and Slimzos signee Trends. Together, the two have finished work on the Norman Bates EP, a 3-track package that features the titular track and a solo production from each. "Shimmy", Boylan's solo effort, is a rowdy, clattering grime banger with chrome synths accentuated by a little brass and ramped up to 100 with those big, thundering drums. Expect this to be vocalled by only the rowdiest emcees. 

The Norman Bates EP is out Dec. 16 via Oil Gang.