Partynextdoor has been on the promotion route as he takes the road for his Summer's Over Tour with Jeremih and his latest interview finds him opening up about his future music goals.

"I competitively want to produce just as many records for Drake as Kanye West did for Jay Z," he tells Now magazine in his first Canadian interview. "I want to write just as much as Kanye may have for whomever Kanye has written for. I want to do as much as I can do while I'm young."

It seems that this motivation comes from being inspired by West in general. "When I was younger I was influenced by Kanye, his story of coming up and how he kept producing and producing and saying, 'I'm more than just a producer. I'm more than just a writer. I'm more than just a guy in the studio here to give you ideas. I have a story.'"

The OVO artist also isn't shy about expressing what he feels his role is on the label roster. "I even said this on the phone with the label yesterday. I think everyone has their roles, and in my opinion, I'm like the young hot boy of OVO: stubborn, very step-out-on-his-own and do-his-own-thing. I might wanna do pop. I would call myself the Pharrell of OVO. There are no rules for me."

The multi-talent will likely bring that same attitude to his previously announced joint project with Jeremih, although he revealed that we might have to wait a little longer until we get to hear their collaboration. "We've made a lot of music together, but music has been leaked that wasn't officially arranged right,” Party explained. "So we're letting that cool out and we'll hopefully put together an official project for the people after this tour." You can read Party's full interview right here and don't miss one of the remaining dates on the Summer's Over Tour.