Macklemore, like many Americans, woke up with a bad taste in his mouth after the election results and decided to share his feelings through song on "Wednesday Morning."

The piano-filled track kicks off on an emotional note as Macklemore thinks about his baby daughter sleeping in her bed and the world she is going to wake up to. "Imagine tryin' to keep your head while your daughter sleeps in bed/When she wakes up, will the world be the same?/Will my girl be afraid in the home of the brave?" he raps.

It feels as though Macklemore is trying to work through the surprising election results bar by bar, running through his emotions of confusion while also trying to hold onto some hope. The Budo-produced track continues with Macklemore sharing softly spoken bars about exchanging walls for bridges and hate for brilliance. "Humanity is a privilege; we can't give in/When they build walls, we'll build bridges/This is resistance; we're resilient/ When they spread hate, we shine brilliant; march by the millions."

The Budo collaboration is the second time the pair have linked up in recent times as they previously collaborated on Macklemore's "Drug Dealer." This emotional track about drug addiction got an official music video at the end of October with Macklemore portraying someone going through withdrawal. He and guest vocalist Ariana DeBoo​ later put on a powerful performance of the track with The Roots on The Tonight Show. Macklemore also jumped on YG's "FDT" remix where he compared Trump to orange Starburst® and condemned gun violence. 

Listen to Macklemore's "Wednesday Morning" above.