R&B singer Johnny P has passed away, according to a post on FakeShoreDrive.

Widely considered a Chicago legend, Johnny P was most known for his work on some of hip-hop’s biggest hits. He provided the vocals on Do or Die tracks “Po Pimp” and “Sex Appeal,” Twista’s “Yo Body,” as well as 2Pac and Scarface’s cut “Smile,” which was released six months after Pac’s death.

The members of Do or Die announced the tragic news via Instagram on Sunday, writing: “Our Brother Was Called Home […] Rest In Heaven #JohnnyP. Our Prayers Are With His Family.”

Earlier this month, Wicked Entertainment announced the artist had passed away; however, friends and family denied these claims, insisting Johnny P remained on life support after slipping into a coma. 

According to an artist profile, Johnny P began singing at the age of four, and went on to draw inspiration from big names like Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Sam Cooke. In 1989, Johnny P signed with Colombia Records and released his debut album Connect the Dots. His sophomore album, The Next, was distributed 11 years later under Rap-A-Lot Records/Virgin Records.

Twista released a statement on Johnny P's passing, which you can read below:

Johnny P was like the reincarnation of Sam Cooke, nobody could sing as pure. His star got to shine but not as bright or as deserving as it potentially could have! He is our brother and will always be remembered and we will always keep him alive in spirit and in music! From me first hearing him on his song "Connect the Dots" all the way to working on music with me and Do or Die and a bunch of other Chicago legends, Johnny P always added an element of greatness and legitimacy to what we were doing! He will always be remembered as a friend, a truly gifted singer and a legend!

Following the news of his death, many fans—including Lupe Fiasco—expressed their condolences on social media. You can read some of the messages, and listen to some of his biggest musical contributions, below.

Do or Die "Po Pimp" f/ Twista and Johnny P

Scarface "Smile" f/ 2Pac and Johnny P

Twista "Yo Body" f/ Johnny P and Do or Die

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