Toronto rapper, Kavale, has poured his heart into Carpe Diem. It's the artist's new full-length project - a cinematic blend of supple crooning and boisterous, melodic trap. Like its creator, the album balances bravado and introspection. It's well executed, and ultimately, a nice advancement in shaping and carving out new sonics. After releasing his debut EP, Genius, Kavale steadily dropped promising singles, including "20/20", which we premiered this past summer. While that track was left on the cutting room floor, what the listener receives on the album, is an offering of unapologetic, and sometimes suprisingly aggressive, bangers and ballads.

On the eve before the release of Carpe Diem, we chatted with Kavale about the album's foundation, his artistic method, and what we can expect next from him in the near future.

This is a very rich album sonically. Very cavernous and atmospheric. How would you describe the sound of the project?

I really have a hard time describing the sound of the project. I would say it’s balanced. A lot of the times it’s aggressive, other time it’s melodic. Then you have slower tempo songs…I think it was the right mixture of things.

How does this latest album differ from your previous EP, Genius?

I really feel that it’s two different times in my life. Genius and Carpe Diem are two separate periods. If you listen to the project, it should be a good transition. They are different, but they work hand-in-hand with each other. I feel like I’ve grown, you can hear that growth.​

How have you progressed as an artist since the last release?

I feel like I have progressed. With Carpe Diem, I wanted to expose my emotions and feel more vulnerable. Me and Arion Knight made sure that I was pushing myself, and trying to reach new heights. I feel like that’s what I’ve done with Carpe Diem. I feel like it’s always about growth, and that you can hear that growth.

What's the story behind the album? Is there a cohesive narrative that we should be aware of?

There has been a lot going on in the past year for me. Me recalling these moments, and me being stuck and dwelling on certain things. Figuring out how to master the art of moving on and letting go. I feel like this project was more personal for me, one that let me get a lot off of my chest. "Oceans" really closed a chapter in my life. I feel like everyone should draw their own interpretation, and if you listen to the songs, you should understand the story and what I’m trying to say with it.

Is there a particular track that you find yourself extra proud of? 

I’m extra proud of "Oceans". I feel like it’s super relatable, and I get a lot of things off of my chest. A lot of personal stuff, relationships, family, friends. I think it really gives off the motion I was in during my life.

What would you like us to know about the album? What can we expect during this rollout?

Honestly, I don’t even want to say too much about it. I’d rather people just listen to it, and take their own organic inspiration.

Any tour dates that you can give us? Anything to tease?

Nothing is solid right now, but me and my manager are finalizing some stuff. We’re going through the process right now, but I’m always working on new music. I can say I’ll be back before people expect.

You can stream Carpe Diem below, via SoundCloud. You can also listen to the album on iTunes and Spotify.


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