There's plenty going on that has people down, which is all the more reason the world really needed this mashup of Hamilton and Beyoncé songs. Effectively titled "Ham4Bey," the video provides seven minutes of uninterrupted joy by combining songs from the blockbuster Hamilton musical with Beyoncé's long list of hits.

Created By Michael Korte, the video features singers India Carney, Vincint, Mariah Maxwell, Jej Millanes, Kelly Margareth Lee, and Jamond McCoy in an arrangement courtesy of Jared Jenkins. The six performers seamlessly perform Hamilton tracks like "Alexander Hamilton," "My Shot," and "Satisfied" with songs spanning Bey's entire career, including Destiny's Child "Survivor," "Independent Women," "Irreplaceable." Of course, there are plenty of Lemonade tracks thrown in for good measure like "Hold Up," "Formation," and "Sorry."

"The inspiration was bred from fantasy—I wanted to do the impossible, selfishly combine my two favorite things, Queen Bey and King Ham," Korte told Mashable. "The video is so important NOW as it is 7 minutes of soul-hugging joy and an unapologetic celebration of diversity in a time where many are questioning what the future holds."

You know it's real when even Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda approves. Of course, this isn't the only good thing that Hamilton has inspired. We also have an entire HamiltonMixtape featuring artists like Chance the Rapper, Nas, Usher, and more to look forward to when it drops Dec. 2.

THIS lives at the intersection of my interests.

— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) November 22, 2016